How do I manage merchant defined SKU ID (システム連携用SKU番号)  now? 

As a merchant, it is highly important to only manage product from Shopify portal and sync them to Rakuten using our system. Here is the guideline.

SKU ID will be published to Rakuten when you edit this information in Shopify

What do I do if order from Rakuten is not reflected in Shopify?

In rare occassion, after SKU migration, some orders don't show up in Shopify. This is most likely due to product not published correctly during migration and those products are placed by customers. We apologize for this as migration can be tricky and not all items can be published. Please follow the step to resolve this

  1. Publish the item again and the information should be synced back to Rakuten. Here is the guideline on publishing the product
  2. For orders that cannot be pulled into Shopify, please manage (fulfill) them in Rakuten instead. Again, we're incredibly sorry about this situation

My product listing suddenly has no order button

During the migration, if we observe that your product is somehow not migrated, we will hide the order button. The reason is that if the customer starts ordering from this product, our system won't be able to pull these orders as it thinks that the line item is not managed by Shopify.

In order to resolve this, please go into Shopify and publish this product again so that SKU will be synchronized between systems.

If you don't want to manage this product in Shopify anymore, please do the following so that our system won't be able to touch those items:

  1. copy the product in Rakuten 
  2. For product management number (URL), remove the v_ section. For example, v_1234 will become 1234. Also, you can name it anything without v_ in the beginning and our system won't pick this item up
  3. For SKU ID, remove the v_ section or rename it to something else without v_ in the beginning

If you start managing products in Rakuten, please note that we won't be able to pull any order placed to that products to Shopify, even if the order has a product that is managed by Shopify