During Migration for Multi-mode items (prior to SKU Migration), reviews can be carried forward only if 1 Product Page with Manage Number is carried forward during Migration process.

Consolidating Reviews is allowed when the merchants wish to sell multiple existing product pages, which were created and sold on separate product pages for each SKU, by consolidating them into a single product page.

If a new Product Page is created with new SKU, all past sales results and terms, cannot be considered for Review migrations. This would affect all applying ads or events associated with old Product from v1.

*When merchants want to consolidate reviews, application from merchants, not from vendors, is necessary

Directions: https://navi-manual.faq.rakuten.net/item/000047423?l-id=ManualLeftNavi

How to Apply: https://navi-manual.faq.rakuten.net/item/000047423?l-id=ManualLeftNavi

**Form for Merchant to update and send to Rakuten: link


When Applying, these two fields must be the same between ‘Before migration' and ‘After migration’

  1. The source product and destination product are the same.
    The "SKU① of source product page A" and "SKU① of destination product page B" shown below must be the same product.
    Please confirm that the products are the same, and apply by meeting the following conditions.

The genre IDs (= all product genre IDs) of the two products must match.
② If the two SKUs have catalog ID values, the catalog IDs must match.
The catalog IDs of the two SKUs must match. Required product attributes must be entered in the SKU

  1. Rakuten will check whether the target products are SKUs that can be grouped together and
    meet the combination of SKUs that can be listed on one page.
    Before applying, please refer to the " Guidelines for Combining SKUs " and confirm that the destination products are SKUs that can be combined.

    1. Information and services for stores
    2. 3 Various applications/setting changes
    3. Product review migration application
  1. 3 Various applications/setting changes
  2. Product review migration application