The Bulk Product Editor is a page that allows you to edit and publish multiple products from one page streamlining the process of publishing items to Rakuten.

The main features provided are:

  1. A single page to manually edit all your Rakuten product information
  2. Ability to search and filter down to specific products
  3. An overview to view a products publishign status in Rakuten

You can access the bulk editor in two ways:

  1. Sales Channel Sidebar - Under the sales channel is a link for the Bulk Editor
  2. Product List Page - Accessing the Bulk Editor using this methods allows you to edit only the selected products. This can be done by going to the Products list page, check the box for any products you want to edit, click on "More actions" and then select "Rakuten - Bulk Edit".


If you have many products and just want to display specific items within the Bulk Editor you can using filtering. 

To filter the Bulk Editor to only show specific products, the following buttons are made available under "Manage products".  The buttons are:

  • New product subset: This allows you to filter or search for products
  • Select errored products: This allows you to view all products that have publishing errors

Informational Columns

The first few columns show basic information about the product in the row. Below are a description of the various informational columns:

  • Info - Current editing product status. This indicates what will happen when you attempt to publish the products. If you attempted to publish but there were issues, you will be able to view the missing criteria needed in order to publish the product.

  • Product - The title of the product in Shopify. Clicking in the link will open the product in Shopify for reference. 

  • Status - Current publishing status in Rakuten. This will not be reflected immediately, you may need to reload the page after a few minutes.

By clicking on the status pill you can see all of your variants and if anything went wrong publishing.

Input columns

The remaining columns control what data is published to Rakuten. Click on the columns to either open a modal to input data or to input data directly. Note that any column in red is required before the product can be published to Rakuten. Below are a description of the various input columns:

  • General Product Information - Publish allows you to decide if you want this product to be published. You must fully publish every variant of a product or zero variants when using the bulk editor. 
    This section also allows you to enter your title, description and catchcopy that will be displayed on your Rakuten item page.  If you need help translating your copy you can click on "Google translate".  The translation service will translate any text input you have entered.  If none is available, the Shopify fields (title/description) will be used.

  • Mode - This allows you to select between the two publishing modes:
    • Single: One Shopify product gets mapped to one Rakuten Item
    • Multi: Each Shopify variant gets mapped to one Rakuten Item

        Things to note:

  • If a Shopify product has 3 variant types then the publishing mode will be restricted to Multi mode as Rakuten limits items to only 2 variant types

  • Images

    This section allows you to upload custom photos that will be used on your Rakuten Ichiba product page.

    Things to note:

    • The order of images is determined by the placement of images from left to right.  To re-arrange images just drag and drop images to their preferred order.
    • To upload your Shopify photos, click on the "My photos meet these requirements." checkbox
    • Images uploaded here are applied across all variants
    • To have a separate image per variant, set the image on the Shopify Product page.

    Rakuten Ichiba have set image requirements for their listings.  Please follow their guidelines when uploading images.

  • Genre - A genre is the naming of product categories available in Rakuten

  • Delivery -  Set the delivery option for all your product(s)

  • Options - Translate the different product options available

  • Price - Set the product's price in (¥)Yen

  • Shipping - Set the product's shipping in (¥)Yen

  • Tax - Set the product's tax in percentages

Saving Changes

Once products have been modified or changed a banner will display asking if you want to publish these changes

If you want to cancel and discard any of your changes then press "Discard all changes".  If you want to make these changes permanent and send them to Rakuten then press "Publish".

Note: As changes are made, the "Info" column will change to "Unsaved" to inform you that a change was made on the row.