Orders placed on Rakuten will automatically be imported into Shopify allowing merchants to manage and fulfill their inventory from one central place.

When orders are imported into Shopify, the currency is automatically converted from ¥ to the store currency.

IMPORTANT: FX conversion is purely an estimate and will not be the actual settled amount.  This will depend on your bank

The image above is a sample order that was imported into Shopify from Rakuten.


The notes section details out important information regarding your order.  The following information is included:

  • Status - The top of the notes dictates whether this order is ready to be fulfilled or not. Only if an order is modified does it temporarily become unfulfillable
  • FX Rate - The daily foreign exchange rate used to convert the ¥ price to your store currency price
  • Rakuten ID - The Rakuten order id for searching the actual order in RMS

The best way to access orders from Rakuten that are ready to be fulfilled is in the Rakuten sales channel main page in the "Orders" section.