1. Install the app

2.  Get started by connecting your existing Rakuten account by selecting the "Input credentials" link.

3. Input your provided credentials.  You should have been provided the following information upon Rakuten onboarding:

  • Rakuten Store URL
  • RMS API License Key
  • SMTP Password

4.  Congratulations!  You're ready to start selling on the Rakuten Ichiba marketplace.  Upon successful entry of credentials you will be greeted by the Account dashboard.  To begin publishing products, click on "Add info" or "Unpublished" in the Publishing section.

5.  This will bring you to your Shopify products page.  In order to publish an item on Rakuten go to the product page of the product you'd like to publish.

6.  Click on "More actions" then "Rakuten Ichiba - Edit Product"

7.  A modal will appear allowing you to edit your Rakuten title, description, catchcopy, category, pricing (¥), and shipping (¥).

Fill in the appropriate information.  Certain sections will have a "Google translate" link that can help modify your copy to Japanese.

8.  Once complete push "Publish".  Your listings are now in Publishing status and in a few moment your items will be for sale on Rakuten Ichiba.

9.  Congrats!! You're now selling on Rakuten

To view your item on Rakuten Ichiba bring up the "Rakuten - Edit Product" modal and scroll to the bottom.  Each published variant will have a link to the Rakuten item page.

10.  Your Rakuten orders will be automatically be shown in Shopify and once fulfilled in Shopify, that status will automatically be shared with Rakuten